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General Comments on Articles

Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

I would like to comment on your articles, they are very well written and researched.

I read your articles concerning :

Slain by the Spirit, something about the Sabbath, the deity of Jesus proved in the Jehovah’s witness bible.

I think that about all the articles I have read.

I do have a question for you.

I would like to know what your views on the Oneness of GOD are.

I belong to the United Pentecostal Church International. I mentioned this hoping you probably heard of the organization so you would understand a bit of my belief. I personally believe that there is one God and He has One name, JESUS. I believe that God has manifested Himself in various ways throughout history. I believe God is identified by the titles in respect with His relationship towards us. For example : Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Can you perhaps forward me an article concerning your belief concerning the Oneness of GOD?

Kind regards...



Hi Bode,

May I say that, I have enjoyed your writings. I'm impressed. The Lord has given you a gift. Keep using it for the Kingdom.

Also, I subscribe to a lot of your thoughts. I even pasted the "Pastors and bodyguards" writings/weblink on Facebook.

God bless you and keep it up.

P.S. have you thought of writing a book? Not for profit...though that will come along as well. But, for the truth to get out there. Folks need to read, hear and implement your God-given/un-diluted wisdom.