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Readers' Responses

Thoughts: Weapons of Mass Destruction

I want to thank you so much for your beautiful article on Thoughts: Weapons of Mass Destruction.

I myself suffered with a guilty conscience for over 13 years. I felt doomed and condemned and literally defeated. A battle was being waged in my mind that I struggled to overcome. For years I swore that I was un-redeemable, an apostate; a reject of God.

I kept on feeding myself the lie that God couldn't forgive me no matter what and every scripture I read seemed to condemn me. My guilt grew immensely and it mushroomed into a storm cloud. Feelings of worthlessness, rejection and depression immobilized and practically destroyed my life.

A guilty conscience is one hell of a thing. It can wreck your self esteem and it also leads to self pity. I can't tell you how many times I felt sorry for myself. "Woe is me", I cried! If only I were not born! "If only I had never heard the Gospel!" If I could just switch places with someone else."

It took a near calamity for my attitude towards God to change. Once I stopped believing the lies and started believing that I could be saved, I WAS DELIVERED!

The battle was won and the enemy was defeated. And it was a battle that began and ended in my mind.

That's why I wanted to write this just to let you know that it's so true what you said. The biggest battle that most Christians face is in their heads. Half the battle is our minds.

Our thoughts can defeat us before or actions are even made manifest. Our thoughts determine our actions and bad thoughts bring forth bad fruits.

If you have a defeatist mindset you're already defeated. Faith starts from the mind. Those who have no faith are wrought with doubt.

Doubt is the enemy of faith.

We need to focus on God's word and ask Him to help us keep our thoughts pure before Him at all times.