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10 Reasons Why Jesus is God Even in the Jehovah's Witnesses Bible


I was just reading your article on 10 Reasons why Jesus is God because I too have recently become interested in the teachings of the JW's (mainly because one of my bosses at work speaks of his beliefs as a JW) and have been comparing them to what I now see as the truth. Without going into detail I can't help but wonder why the JW's are so blind to the false teachings of the Watchtower and its elders.

I have two questions that I would like you to answer if you could spare some time (it would be greatly appreciated).

Firstly, What is the point in blatantly altering scripture for which the bible says is a BIG no no and teaching it to millions of people as TRUTH? (Not to mention what Deuteronomy says about false prophets)

Secondly, Is there a way that I could humbly and non-aggressively disagree with my boss about his beliefs without jeopardizing our relationship which is quite strong, or would this be a no-go zone? (by the way, I believe him to be a good person at heart)

I hope you can help!

Thanks again,



Here is my reply to this reader:

Hi Bro. D,

It was nice hearing from you. And thanks for taking the time to read my article.

To answer your first question...the point of altering the Bible is simply to deceive. To make people believe that they are following the true and Only God or that they are followers of Christ.

I like the way someone put it, he said that for a counterfeit to be a counterfeit, it has to look like an original. For instance, the way to fool someone with a fake $20 bill is to make a fake $20 bill. But if a currency does not have a $20 bill, and someone makes a fake $20 bill, it stands out, and is easily detectable as a counterfeit. But if there's a real $20 bill, then one can easily be fooled. Unless one puts it under mercury light to see if it's genuine or not, which interestingly is the same thing we do with all teachings, i.e., test them in the Light of the Truth of God's Word.

To answer your second question, I believe that you can humbly discuss with your boss without jeopardizing the relationship, even though I must say that it's not easy. But just like you said the key is doing it humbly.

I believe that one way to start firstly, is by reading my article and studying those scripture references that prove the deity of Jesus Christ even in the JWs' Bible. So much so that you know the passages for yourself, and it doesn't seem as if you are reading someone else's writing, like they like to do, read the Watchtower, etc.

Then you may ask him why the JWs don't believe in the deity of Jesus. He may want to take you to their Bible to show you passages to prove that point. Then gently ask him about those passages that prove the deity of Jesus Christ from his Bible, and ask him what he thinks about those passages. Let him meditate on those passages.

At this point you don't even have to try to convince him about those passages. Just let him draw his own conclusions. Two things will happen, he'll either try to bring you some other elders in his church to try to explain to you that those passages don't mean what they mean or he may shut down and not bring up the topic. Either way, your job would have been done, in at least exposing him to the Truth.

But more importantly, pray for him daily, that God would open his eyes of understanding.

Keep in mind that we can't change anybody. Only the Holy Spirit changes people. In fact, we are not called to change people, but called to share the Gospel, if perhaps some may be changed. Remember, even Jesus didn't change everybody.

Do your part, and let God do the rest!

Blessings to you.


Hello Bode,

My name is M. E. I am a born-again Christian, and I have recently been speaking to some Jehovah's Witnesses that God has allowed to come to my door. I asked them to give me a copy of the New World Translation, so that I could compare it to the NKJV Bible that I read, mostly for when I found passages that I thought might be good to have them read from their own translation.

In my talking with them on three occasions, I have not pushed anything very hard, with the exception of a little bit of discussion on the Trinity. I have also been reading through the Gospel of John to bring up both the deity of Christ, as well as the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, but what I wanted to ask you is what do you think would be the most effective in speaking with them--either trying to persuade them about the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the Tri-une nature of God, or to go directly to the deity of Christ.

Today when they came we were speaking about the doctrine of Hell, and it wasn't terribly productive either way. I brought up the Rich Man and Lazarus, but they simply say it was a parable--something that a different JH said, about 10 years ago when I was a high-school kid talking to a JH at a bus stop. Ultimately I feel that it might also be more effective to persuade them of the completeness of Christ's work.

Anyway, thank you for the article. I appreciate any correspondence.

In Christ,
M. E.


Here is my reply to this reader:

Hi Bro. E.,

Thanks for your inquiry about how to witness to the Jehovah's Witnesses.

From my experience dealing with the Witnesses, (and the Mormons) it's almost a futile effort trying to make them see the truth of Scriptures, because their eyes of understanding are darkened. One thing I've come to observe about them is that they often take scriptures literally. I don't think they believe in the work of the Holy Spirit illuminating scriptures to a believer.

So, here is what I try to do with them, at least try to sow a seed of doubt in their belief as it relates to the Trinity, by proving to them the deity of Jesus Christ in their own Bible. You may want to print out my article on the subject, and just highlight the passages that prove Jesus' deity and hear what they have to say about those scriptures.

Above all else, I'll ask that you pray for them, that the Lord may soften their hearts and open their spiritual eyes to the truth of His Word.

One thing you want to avoid is trying to debate them. It will be a waste of your time, especially if they are settled in their belief, and not willing to hear a different view. Remember, that foolish and unlearned questions gender strife!

I pray that the Lord gives you the wisdom to deal with them. Amen!