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Generational Curses: What a Lie

The worst thing that the enemy (the devil) has done is to deceive you into thinking that HE DOES NOT EXIST!

That is exactly what I "think"? No....That is what I know!! You still need proper teaching from the word. I just do not understand why is it that when the bible clearly states the really hard points, that people who call themselves studied in the word, do not understand and then they make it their mission to "take as many with them into the world of doubt and unbelief. The only reason that you are saying the things that you are saying about Generational Curses is because you are in a state of denial and the Bible is VERY CLEAR ABOUT DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING. YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR EVERY SOUL THAT YOU ARE DETERRING FROM UNDERSTANDING THE TRUTH ABOUT GOD'S HOLY WORD.

He left it as a road map for us to follow to have an understanding of the secret places of the word of God. The book of Isaiah says that there are the secret things of the Word and God has intentionally hid them to get you to unearth them in truth. Not in Error!

Revelation 22 says that if you so desire to stay ignorant of the things of God, then do it. Just stop taking others WITH YOU. The Bible says that you are held accountable for iniquity to the 3rd-and 4th generation. Not the Sin...Iniquity. Iniquity is something that is different. That is not the sin that you are born into as a result from the fall of Adam, it is the sin that is a result of the need of atonement. THE SIN THAT IS SECRETIVE, DECEPTIVE, THE HIDDEN. This is a result of the condition in which Satan caused by deceiving the woman and coaxing the man into sin, thereby them both falling into a state of moral decay, something that God was trying to get them to "not understand". WHY? BECAUSE It was never God's intention that man should have to even know what sin was at all. He was simply given the job of walking in the cool of the day, of naming the animals and to take a wife and to commune with the Living God of the heavens and the newly formed earth. That Elohim, the God that will become the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. The Descending father of the inheritance of the Living God.

When the people were populating the earth after the birth of Cain and Abel and Seth unto Adam and Eve, they were becoming more and more corrupt. But the first of the many occurrences in the Bible of proof of generations of unbroken and un-atoned sin after Adam was Cain and his murder of his brother. God was angered and pronounced that he would then become a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth and a "mark" was placed on him, indelible and identifiable so that it would be understood that he was not to be received. Nomadic people were not received at this time and after this time for generations after this had occurred.

I can actually give you instance after instance proving generational curses or generational spirits.
1. God pronounced judgment on the children of Israel for the worshiping of idols and this contaminated the blessing that God had set up for them "for generations" it was like quarantine - according to his ways, he had to stop it.
2. Achan had brought the accursed thing in the camp and when it was not taken out, it contaminated/spoiled the camp and it had to be dealt with.
3. King David - he had Urriah, the husband of Bathsheba killed, had a sexual escapade with her and bore a son and the prophet Nathan said to him, the Lord says the child will die!! Something had to take the punishment for the sin - the sin which became iniquity for the prophet said, "The Lord says that this iniquity shall not pass from your house!! That is exactly what happened to him:
the daughter was raped
the son Absalom was the culprit - incest!
David was a fugitive!
His son Solomon was blessed by God, but he lost it all!!!
You will not find the words "Generational Curse" you must be studied up in the word of God to see the principles that are behind it. I go to a well balanced Jewish - Christian charismatic church where the pastor is an apostle, which just simply that he is moving in the operation of the gifts with the building of the churches for the Lord Jesus Christ. Edifying the "Church" is what Jesus wants. Not tearing them down.


I want to thank you for your article, God bless you.

This is one of the problems believers are facing these days, they rather believe the word of man than God.

Nothing like generational curses if you are in Christ.


I am so very glad that you wrote this article. I have been a Christian for 18 years and did not grow up in church, the church I now go to is really preaching the whole generational curse thing pretty heavy.

I was already in disagreement with this teaching but you gave my heart and mind new ammunition against this thinking.

Our church has started a new discipleship process and in the process our members are going to "Encounter" weekends and four of them stood up on Sunday and testified that while they were at the encounter they were delivered from stuff (junk) they didn't know they had........WOW!! Can a Christian with the Holy Spirit dwelling inside not feel convicted about things that shouldn't be in their life??? ( I really think that other people might not know you have "junk"...but you definitely do!! )

I am a nurse and when I was going to nursing school as we went through the different disease processes in the text books it was easy to identify several symptoms of each disease in your own body !! I think this is kind of the same thing..We are producing spiritual hypochondriacs. And as for the leaders in the churches that are teaching this, it's kind of disturbing to a degree. I am sure their motives are pure but .....If they didn't come up with things to be delivered from then I guess they couldn't be deliverers. SCARY.

Pray for me. My husband has been called into the ministry and it is sooooo hard to be supportive because I don't believe this way. My family (not my immediate family-but the one I grew up in) is about as dysfunctional as they come. I CHOOSE a different life full of blessings. NOT CURSES.

Thank you again.

Press on Brother.


Thank you for the insight.  My husband and I were arguing concerning this issue.  There are some things in his past and his fatherís past that I donít want visited upon our son.  My husband said thereís no such thing as generational curses and to stop calling our family cursed.  I said the Bible speaks on these things.  But honestly, I wasnít real sure what the word of God said concerning curses.  I was going off something Iíve heard in one church or another weíve belonged to. (Weíre a military family and have traveled a lot) God led me to Ezek 18 but I still got the wrong impression.  I believe He kept in my spirit to continue to search for the answer and I found your article.

Bless you for helping me to understand better.  I do believe we can ask God for forgiveness from our sins/iniquities, repent and be set free.

God Loves You and so do I.


I was not even aware that some people believed in these "generational curses" until two days ago.  It seemed inconsistent with what I believe about our redemption by Christ's sacrifice.  I was in a dilemma in trying to rebut their arguments in favor of this idea, I knew that the answer was in the Bible I just could not remember where.

Thank-you for giving me direction.
Everything always seems so plain to me in the Word.  I can never understand why so many people want to make the Bible conform to their lives rather than making their lives conform to the Bible.
The truth does indeed set us free.

Your Brother in Christ,