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How to Recognize Motivational Speakers in Pulpits

Wow. This is a great article. So *that's* why I like Jakes and Osteen's style. I don't care for Jakes as much as I used to--the whole relationship with Bush turned me off--but my mom loooves him. The thought of them being motivational speakers--especially Osteen--crossed my mind a couple of times, when I realized I wasn't really hearing preaching, or a lot of scripture but more encouragement, life stories that audiences could relate to. And Osteen acts like his audience is in a support/therapy session with him with the way he talks. So calm and nice, sweet even. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, because for some folks, it's the only way they'll pay attention, but I agree with Bode in that we can't always turn off the t.v./walk out of service feeling great--sometimes we absolutely should feel convicted. I know my ways have been called out a few times over the years by Pastor Kelsey, and that was a good thing because it made me check myself. I think Osteen and Jakes set up their congregations for a letdown sometimes; acting like God is Santa Claus and that all you gotta do is pray and that job or promotion is yours. Shoot, if it ain't in His will, I don't care how much folks pray. I had to learn that the hard way. I always thought that after an inspirational--moreso motivational--sermon, that I'd walk into work the next day and get a raise, or just knew no matter what I said in my cover letter that I'd get that job I wanted. Setup for a letdown.
Anyway, I am going to share this with my mom and with William. Super article.



Thank you for your recent (well, at least I read it recently) article. It was right on point and to the point. I am interested in reading other material that you may have either written or co-written. 

May the Lord continue to bless and use you in His service.



Praise the Lord, Bro. Bode!

This is a must read article for every believer! I always
knew that there was something that made me a bit uneasy
about T.D. Jakes and lately Joel Osteen. I ordered "Your
Best Life Yet" recently in an effort to discover what is it
about this guy. I also watched his week-long interview with
Joyce Meyers on her "Enjoying Everyday Life" show on TBN.
She had him on the hot seat about the very issues Larry
King and you raised in your article.

I have gleaned from both of their ministries, but at the
same time left feeling a bit perplexed. Motivational
preaching does have a place, even in the pulpit, but not on
a consistent basis or as the primary goal of the message.
It is governed under the gift of exhortation (to edify,
exhort and encourage the Body of Christ). I prayed for
clarity and illumination of what God was revealing in the
messages I was hearing from them and Creflo Dollar is the
other I would add to your list. That's God... He is truly
amazing and will reveal and convict when the prayers are

I believe that both of these preachers will receive a
"true" revelation from God of their misguided efforts
towards Him. Bishop Jakes needs to slow his roll long
enough to hear from the Father! (i.e. leave the music CD's,
plays and book tour circuit alone for a season or longer)
Pastor Osteen will need to develop a spiritual backbone!
Good Lord! He is a "conflict avoider" which will leave a
lot of "good" people out of heaven! Watch and pray for
their flocks and viewers, but most of all for them. We must
intercede and pray without ceasing.

Thanks for taking the time to bring some clarity to this
very important topic.

In Christ,

Sis DR


This one is from a joker friend...

This is a really good article.  It really motivated me.  It really fired up my emotions, I feel personally empowered -- I feel it blessed me -- I feel better about myself and will be able to do better as a result of this article.  I don't even need to use the Bible on this one, I know what you said is true -- I think so much more of you now -- you are the man!!  (just proving that I read it)
Honestly, this is truly some good stuff.  These two men are two of the most influential pulpit speakers in the nation -- so many Pastors are following their example.  The scripture is so clear, yet the church is so blinded by the alleged success of mega ministries.  This is why our church must be the one for God to use to take down these types of preachers.  We are large enough to say something and have people to respect what we are saying.



I'm so excited about reading this - I was going to wait another hour to take lunch and read it - instead I'm going to take my lunch now so I can enjoy ALL the food!

Thanks Brother for shedding revealing and exposing in a clear, articulate manner that can be forwarded to others for sharing.

Have a blessed day.