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Preachers and Bodyguards


I am in agreement with you in regards to your article, however, I pose a question ..How is it that we have security systems for our homes, alarm systems for our cars and codes for our bank accounts?  It is because we protect our interest of what belongs to us. Now, there is a difference in protecting and being possessive.

Although, I was an armor-bearer for my pastor I never carried a gun to protect him, I protected him in prayer and support.

His because of Calvary!




I read your article at http://ezinearticles.com/?Preachers-and-Bodyguards&id=723007. I have a couple of comments on it.

Some time ago my church was forced to hire bodyguards for the leadership. They not only serve the Lord fulltime spiritually but also physically. I have seen the pastoral group (we have 6 satellite churches) do manual work like fixing broken pipes or fixing the audio setup. We have on a normal week at least 8000 people attend our services. You asked in your article, why bodyguards? Because they are really needed. Some time ago, our offices were robbed, armed men broke into the offices with guns seeking money (from the offerings) and they attacked several of our leaders. Until then we didn't have bodyguards or "official" security personnel. However, we cannot ignore the risk that these people of God endure. They are expanding His kingdom, proof is the flow of His spirit and how people come to receive from Him and how they can find rest in His church, proof is the conviction in people's hearts and their devotion to the Lord, people's families that are being restored from the brink of break-up, proof is the people who give testimonies of the miracles God is doing in their lives (it matters not the socioeconomic people who come here, what matters is the fruits that are being produced).

The pastors pay the price to advance the kingdom, not only spiritually but also physically. Jesus was God, the woman in your article came to Jesus because that was his job here to show us what God can do. Even the apostles were AROUND him to help him, should anything happen, they would be there to help him. Even Jesus commanded the apostles to go in pairs when they went to preach the gospel, he did not command them to go alone. They were protecting each other.

The word says that in the latter days evil would be ripe, an evil unlike any the world had seen before Noah. These times require that we take active measures to help the pastors. What would happen, if a Pastor or his family members were kidnapped and the criminals demanded ransom? This can be prevented by having someone to watch over the pastors in the physical. Does this mean the pastors have little faith in God's protection? Not at all. My pastors didn't want to hire bodyguards because they believed in God's protection, and now they believe in His protection even more but the word also says that faith without works is dead. We need works to activate our faith, bodyguards and security is such a way to activate our faith.

When Jesus was arrested, He had the power to call forth legions of angels to help him, yet he chose not use that power because he knew his time had come. He knew that was his calling and destiny. However, when God has spoken to his people and has promised that there is still work to do, we must participate in that fulfillment, through prayer, intercession, faith, and works. Is God in absolute control? Yes, but he has established us as administrators, he has given us authority. We must be good stewards and expand his kingdom, doing it physically without forgetting about doing it spiritually.

Is security/bodyguads a wordly thing that only the prideful have? Not at all. Electricity is something the non-believers use, is it a crime for believers to use it? No, why? Because it is a tool that works and is beneficial. If some unbeliever invented teleportation technology that allowed people to be instantly transported to any (even the most remote areas) place, would it be wrong for pastors or church leaders to use that? No, because it would be useful, it would be a beneficial tool. Likewise, bodyguards are a useful and beneficial instrument which can be used for good. Just because something exists and or is used by non-believers it doesn't mean that the believers cannot use it, if it will positively impact our relationship with Him. To dismiss anything used in the world as untouchable or bad would be to follow a religious spirit. We ARE in the world but are not of it.

So, I would recommend you listen to many opinions, for in the counsel of many there is wisdom. Once you listen to ALL sides of the spectrum then you can write an article about your opinion, FULLY BALANCING and EXPLORING BOTH sides of the matter. I don't intend to argue, just share my viewpoint.

May His Holy Spirit put His conviction in your heart.




My Response to the Reader above:

Hi there,

Sorry, I don't know how to address you, because I couldn't tell from your email if you are a man or woman. And you signed your email by your initials.

Anyway, thanks for your response to the article.

While I do agree with you that there might be some legitimate reasons why a preacher would need a bodyguard, I do believe that that should be an exception, and not the rule. As it is fast becoming the norm these days, with preachers with sizable congregations.

All I'm trying to say in the article is that for many preachers, the reason they have bodyguards is for their ego sake. Nothing else.

By the way, Jesus didn't have the disciples around Him to protect Himself, as you asserted in your email. Neither did the disciples go out in pair to protect themselves or act as bodyguards for one another! For instance, in spite of Paul's entourage, he was beaten and some time left for dead.

The other thing to keep in mind is that no one can harm or kill a TRUE preacher of God unless his/her time is up. As long as God determines that the preacher still has something to do for His Kingdom, He would find a way to keep the preacher until the task is done, without the help of a bodyguard. Conversely, no army can protect a preacher whose time is up.

If truth be the told, the main reason why most preachers have bodyguards, is because they are afraid to die. And to get a better perspective of why preachers (and Christians) are afraid to die read my article titled Heaven Anyone http://lordsquill.com/Articles/Relational/Heaven_Anyone.htm, which in fact is a sequel to Preachers and Bodyguards.

Blessings to you.