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The Presidential Elections: Are Moral Issues Political Issues or Church Issues?

Hi Bode,

I have been having this discussion with Christian friends  during this election
time.  Thanks for stating this so well and sharing it.  I will forward it along
to others.

Keep sharing the gospel!



The next response is from a friend...as you can tell...

Jesus MUST be coming back soon because I agree with you again.  You have outdone yourself on this article!  I've forwarded it to others, including friends in Hawaii, TX, all over the country.   I've been saying this for years--that abortion, homosexuality, etc. are issues for the Church, not political candidates.  However, I don't have a big mouth like you do. . .



Thanks for sharing this article.  It was truly thought provoking..... Most recently I have had many discussions concerning the upcoming election with many people .  I've never once told anyone who to vote for; however, my response have been to vote GOD.......
Blessings to you and yours,



Dear Bode,

A copy of your article was forwarded to me by a friend of mine in the Washington, DC area.  I could not help but respond.  You state in your article "...the Church ought to take responsibility for its failure!  The Church ought to stand up and take its place in the society.  The Church is the only vehicle God has in the earth to effectively make a change."  I totally agree that the Body of Christ has failed in taking its place in society and one of those places is in the political arena.  We have failed by either not voting at all against political candidates who have not stood for the things of God or we have voted for a party instead of prayerfully asking God for whom we should vote.  

 We have voted trusted in a man to do something for us, put money in our pockets, etc., instead of listening to the issues with a spiritual ear and praying about what they stand for.  However, there are times that we can blame government for the corrupt state of society.  For instance, when a majority of people stand up and rule against gay marriage, abortion, etc., and one judge decides to overrule it.  Can we blame the church for that?  I think not. 

Do you think Christians that are suffering persecution in some of these foreign countries are being persecuted because they are not standing up for Christ and the things of God?  I think not.  I do agree that many problems that ail society have crept into the church because many Christians are not being the salt that they are supposed to be in this world, but I do not believe that society is a reflection of the church -- not The Church that is built on the Rock Christ Jesus. 

It never has been, since the time of Noah who was saved by God out of the corruption of the world, to the early churches who were persecuted and scattered abroad because of their stand for Christ, and it will never be.  Since Romans 13 tells us that God has ordained government in the earth and that we are to be subject to the government, it is foolish for us not to participate in electing candidates who at least have some semblance of standing for what God stands for, if indeed we are believers in Christ.  

Also, since God has ordained government, I would think that He is very interested in who serves in political office.  And, I'm sorry to say, but I would also have to doubt one's conviction about Christ who would support someone who is openly against the things that are against Scripture -- I would even have to examine my own heart.   

Since we do have a responsibility to vote, I don't think I would vote for such a person, and I believe God would honor that.  Remember, that everything we do should be as unto the Lord.  Whether Bush is what he says he is or not, if a child of God can vote for someone who openly supports that which is against Scripture, something is terribly wrong.  And that is what I believe affects society.  For Galatians 6:7-8 states "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.  For he that sows to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption: but he that sows to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting."    

You state at the end of your article, "So, if you choose to elect Bush or Kerry next Tuesday, let it be because of your conscience and conviction, and not because of some rhetoric."  Evidently, the conviction of "these Evangelicals" as you call them, is that Bush is the best man to be President at this time (since they speak so passionately about them), and not rhetoric.  So what's your beef if you feel so confident about your choice, which from the tone of your article is very obvious to me?



Sir, thank you for your balanced and well informed e-mail article. I pray that GOD continues to give you His wisdom and His Boldness. It is truly time for the Church to follow Christ and abandon the rudimentary teachings of this world system. Christ is our only hope, and that my soul knows full well. GOD bless and you and your every endeavor that is acceptable and pleasing in His sight.
In Christ Service,
Rev. WM


This response was forwarded to me by a reader from another reader...

That is the most eloquently written piece I've read on this issue.  This should be in the hands of Tavis Smiley and then immediately followed by an invitation to Bode to his show.  AWESOME!  I'm going to forward it all over the WORLDWIDE WEB.  I really mean it!! This was beautifully written.  Where was this published or has it been?

Thanks again, Bode!  See you at the polls!



Outstanding article and so appropriate for today. I want to go to church to worship, to engage in Bible Study and to have fellowship with fellow believers. However, I usually get slammed by the extreme right conservatives who believe all democrats are to blame for all of the issues in the world. Now I am the only democrat who continues to be an active member of my local Baptist Church. So sad, after 44 years as a Southern Baptist this is the only time I have been faced with this situation.

Thanks again for your timeless article.