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The Sabbath: Much Ado About Nothing?


First and foremost, I think that this article is not properly titled. My suggested title would have been, "The Sabbath: "Much Ado About Something" with no question mark. There should be no ifs or buts about the Sabbath. The day was pronounced holy, and then sanctified by God, so it should be held with an unqualified degree of reverence. 

You started with WHEN we should worship, Saturdays or Sundays. I submit that you should have dealt with this premise and not digress to the issue of what we should be doing on the Sabbath. I submit again that it is not what some people say about the Sabbath day, it is what the BIBLE says. It is the fourth commandment, Exodus 20: verse 8, "Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy".

In your article, I see that you have no qualms with which of the day is the Sabbath. It is Saturday. How we should keep the day are expatiated on as to what is expected of us on that day in Exodus 20: verses 9-11. In my opinion, whether we observe, worship, heal, pray, sing, search for our missing pets or whatsoever, on the day should not blur or obscure the fact that there is a stipulated day. " The Sabbath is made for man and not man for the Sabbath." ( Mark 2:27). The Jews might have loaded the Sabbath day with a bunch of do's and don'ts in order to enhance strict observance of the day. Nevertheless, that still has nothing to do with the day itself. So, let us not be sacrilegious in thinking that the Sabbath day is merely symbolic. It is the HOLY day handed to us by God. Anything contrary bothers on advocating the breaking of God's commandment. 

There is no doubt that on the Sabbath day, Jesus is the object of  worship for the Sabbath keeping Christians. Of course, one can have devotional worships every morning and evening. One can also have mid-week worship on Wednesdays. These mini worships should not be equated with the observance of the holy day--Saturday, the Sabbath day

Note: I have read a few of your articles, and I haste to say that I am fascinated by them. They are very well written. They show clear thinking and logical conclusions. Thank to God for giving you this special talent, and surely, it is not being wasted. CHEERS!