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Tithing on Credit

Wow, sad and amazing!  Thanks for sharing Bode, I appreciate all your articles.  May the Lord continue anoint your mind (research and writing abilities)!  3 John 2

Peace & Many Blessings,



There is a church in DC, on 9th St NW, I forget the name, that does have ATM machines in the lobby for tithing & offerings.



I just finished reading your article in The Louisiana Weekly entitled “Tithing on Credit”.  I was appalled at the idea that tithing on credit was even an option in the church.  I guess that can top a pastor telling you “You don’t have enough money to pay all your bills anyway, so you may as well give it to the Lord”.  It’s a good thing that my mother raised me with the words of God so that I know and believe that when we do it God’s way, He will provide. 



I read your article on the above topic, but left wondering why you did not
evaluate your own argument.  You quoted 2 Corinthians 9:7 as a biblical reason
for giving.  But correct me if I'm wrong.  If the words purposes and necessity
truly mean what you say they mean in your article, then how can you say they
support the doctrine of tithing, which is a required tenth.

I believe that we who write and promote our own views for others to read,
should first look at what we say we believe.  Consider this the next time you
write your tithe offering.  Is this necessity or did you really determine from
your own heart the amount of your check.  If it is not the latter, God has just
overlooked you as a "cheerful giver".

Written in love.

Rev. Dr. HB

I responded to this writer's response and he replies back. See below...


Thanks for your response.  I did not comment on the content of your article because I agreed with you; however, I continue to disagree with you concerning tithing for Christians.   

The Christian church is led by the Holy Spirit.  The first century church did not revert back to the LAW when it came down to giving, hence the reason for Paul's explanation.  Giving as far as GOD is concerned is not needed from a giver who does so out of obligation, but his love for GOD and how GOD himself has blessed that person.  Therefore, we that give should be led by the SPIRIT even in our giving, not out of obligation.   

My belief is this, when pastors encourage their Christian followers to allow GOD to speak to their hearts those persons that do are more in-tune to the needs of all.  As the widow's mite is spoken of by Jesus, she gave all she had, far more than a tithe.  But do not be mistaken, she did not this for show, but out of a pure heart.  Pastors often do not believe that they will be able to pay their bills, so they look for ways to keep the doors of their churches open. 

If a church fails, and the doors close, though it would be unfortunate, I see this as the will of GOD.  That pastor would fight to keep those doors open even against the will of GOD.  I have a problem with that.  Christians must understand that our understanding is different than GOD's.  This situation may look horrible to man, but GOD knows what he is doing.   

I also believe that if pastors would allow GOD to guide HIS people, then the churches would have their needs met, but as GOD sees fit.   

I would like to see an article from you that would poll pastors who preach tithing as to why we do not continue to keep the Sabbath.  The bible refers to it long before it refers to tithing.  Remember, every pastor is not ordained of GOD, and neither is every doctrine.  But, what must be done is to allow the bible to be your guide.


Thank you for your time.
 Dr. HB


Dear Bode Adeboyejo,

As-Salaam Alaikum.
I am writing in response to your article "Tithing on credit". Although I
truly appreciate the spirit of the article, I think you (we) should be
very mindful of the quotes you use and the manner in which you use them.
In regard to the Mars Hill Churches' website, I recognize that at the
time of your research the article may have read differently than it does
now. It currently has this paragraph following that which you quoted.

"We strongly urge no one to put their tithe on their credit card unless
they are able to pay it off each month because we do not want God's
people going into debt. But, if you intend to pay off your balance each
month we believe that is an issue of conscience and leave that between
you, God, and your frequent flier miles."

Again, the article definitely covers an area that needs attention, but
you should also remember what the "mainstream media" does to the words
and phrases of our leaders (The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan).

Continue the good works.

As-Salaam Alaikum

Your brother,



My name is  Alfred Caston,  I'm in New Orleans and I read your  article on credit card giving and thought it was  superb. I am in the process of writing my first book about the modern day church and how it has  become a  tremendous liability to  Blacks all over the country. 

By the way, I 've heard  about the ATMs down here for more than four or five  years. I don't know if you are aware, but New Orleans is a mecca of mega churches. The preachers are like pimps on every corner. The money comes easily! If you sell a good guilt line. 

I am researching and looking for more horrific stories (like the one you told in the article, not necessarily with the names, but  I certainly want to know about the town and the event. Maybe I can be a beacon to some of the thousands that  have not fallen into the money-traps yet.